Growth Hacking Strategies: How to Acquire 100K Users

Looking for a way to learn growth hacking strategies that work. Check out Justin Wu’s methods to acquire 100K users in this informative video.

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Join in our fireside chat with Justin Wu, Founder and Growth Engineer at, and Josh Fechter, Growth Evangelist at Autopilot.

In this interview, you’ll learn how to develop your personal brand and scale your business using growth strategies and hacking.

He’ll teach you the framework he used to grow companies to $1M ARR in the first year.

You’ll also learn how to scale traffic using automation, scaling engagement using automation, and more. 00:05 – Meet Justin Wu 01:05 – Breaking into Growth Hacking 09:23 – Product Launching Growth Hacks 19:44 – Growth Hacking Snapchat 33:34 – Growth Hacking Instagram 46:14 – Growth Hacking Facebook 54:28 – How to become a Growth Hacker 01:03:30 – Growth hacking without getting your account suspended 01:07:01 – Why skip Seattle for San Francisco?

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About the speaker: Justin Wu is an Information Architect turned marketer and founder of He Snapchat’s daily about how to hack entrepreneurship and has collaborated with both Wall Street Journal & CES.

He takes a systems approach in all the work he does and find ways to utilize software to either build or optimize business needs. In the past, he has founded several companies such as Sidevision (Invested by Warner Bros), and, a marketing tech company where he lead growth $1M revenue in its first year.